Commander Charles Tucker III
10 September 2013 @ 08:28 pm
[Trip's in his quarters, in his uniform like usual, and he looks pretty content. Not super happy, definitely not trying to be braggy or obnoxious or anything, because as weird as this place has been, he's not really looking to burn bridges or anything on his way out of here.

Not that he really has any bridges to burn, anyway.]

It's been... a really interesting couple months. [Or years. Not that he remembers that, but he knows about it, and he's heard a lot of weird stuff about his future. Not all of it's bad - he's not exactly pissed to hear that things apparently worked out great with him and T'Pol, and that their daughter was safe - but he's still had a hard time wrapping his mind around what Malcolm had said about him quitting his job and going undercover as. Something.]

And I'm not exactly ruling out that I'm 100% done with this place- I mean, apparently this is round two already? [Round three, actually, but who's counting?] But I've got stuff I've gotta get done back home, and [And now there's a sort of incredibly, incredibly relieved smile on his face, because seriously.] I really wanna get back and see my sister.

[Because holy shit, she's alive again, and he really wants to get back and see her.]

So, stay outta trouble, I guess. Maybe we'll run into each other again sometime.

[Private to Felix]

Invitation's still open, if you're ever looking for somewhere to settle down after you're done here. Pretty sure there're like half a dozen colleges and whatever that'd love having someone like you around, even if Starfleet's not up your alley.

[Private to Dean]

Thanks. [You've been a good pal. B(] I'd say keep an eye on him, but I don't think that's gonna be a problem.

[Private to Malcolm]

[This is harder, because he doesn't want to just ditch him here, but he can't promise he'll be back, either, and he really, really wants to go home.]

I'm sorry for running out on you like this, Malcolm. [And he is, really. He still doesn't really fully understand what the hell was going on in his friend's future, but he really doesn't love what he's heard, and he wishes there was some way to make it up to him. And this... isn't really it.] You wanna hit the pub before I head out?
Commander Charles Tucker III
07 June 2013 @ 09:57 pm
Anyone actually know how this is all happening? I've kinda got the point by now that nothing around here has a decent explanation that's actually based on science, but if anyone's done any research or write ups into what they've figured out about how the network works and why this might be happening - and how it runs on packing peanuts - let me know.

[And moving on from that:]

This is Commander Charles Tucker of the USS Enterprise. And that's the NX-01, not the fancy new one Kirk and Spock are from. If there's anyone else out there from back home, so far everything's in one piece. Pretty sure none've you'd believe the stuff I'm seeing here.
Commander Charles Tucker III
04 June 2013 @ 11:44 pm
[Spam for the Engine Room + Level Eight]

[Trip hasn't necessarily been avoiding Felix since they got back from port, but he's certainly giving him space, which is why he's been careful to avoid hanging around the engine room while he's scheduled to be there. Apart from that, though, doing some work down there on trying to figure out how exactly this ship ran and what they could to to keep it running was a pretty good distraction from feeling like he'd made the biggest mistake of his life agreeing to come here.

So he's become a relatively common sight entering and leaving the engine room, occasionally covered in grease or grime or dust, and he works quietly if anyone else isn't interested in conversation, or engages more or less enthusiastically if the rest of the staff's willing not to be intolerable to talk with.]

[Private to Felix, after this thread.]

Dean told me what happened. You alright?
Commander Charles Tucker III
15 May 2013 @ 10:39 pm
[The video clicks on to show a familiar face and a familiar cabin! Trip's wearing his usual blue Enterprise uniform, with red stripes on the shoulders and three rank pins, which put him at Commander for anyone familiar with Starfleet from the 2150's.

He smiles, friendly and looking somewhere between relaxed and kind of eager to just jump right into this thing, which is why he gets right to the point.]

This is Commander Charles Tucker the Third. Most people call me Trip. [Seriously, he will not respond to Charles, go with Trip. B(] The Admiral's asked me to work here as a warden, and when I'm not doing that, I'm the Chief Engineer on board the starship Enterprise.

I've tried to do some catching up on the network, [And he might be planning on ripping apart his comm later, just to see how this works.] but if there's anything people wanna offer as advice or stuff to stay away from, lemme know. No offense to anyone, but the Admiral kinda needs to work on his welcome packet.

And I don't wanna step on any toes or anything, but considering I've spent the last three plus years doing this kinda thing basically every day, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to help out with the engines on board. I'm also pretty handy with anything else you need taking apart or putting back together.

[And once again, TO BUSINESS. Does everyone get assigned an inmate right off the bat?] Felix? You got anywhere in particular you want to meet up and chat?
Commander Charles Tucker III
15 September 2012 @ 05:40 pm
[Backdated to before Trip and T'Pol peace out, Trip has a couple last administrative things he needs to take care of/let people know about.]

In case anyone missed the memo, with me shipping out, that leaves Dean in charge of Maintenance and Repair and Tosh in charge of the engine room. Treat them nice because they're the ones holding this place together when stuff breaks.

When Martha left - Martha Jones, she was the head of the infirmary before McCoy - she left me copies of her movie collection, which is what I've been using for some of the movie nights we've had over the last couple months. I'm leaving her movies and copies of the one I brought on board with Merlin so you guys can still have movie nights whenever you want them. Don't feel pressured to keep them going every Tuesday after dinner if that doesn't work in the future, I promise my feeling's won't be hurt.
Commander Charles Tucker III
28 July 2012 @ 05:09 pm
[Trip click on the video feed and is uh. Honestly covered in black soot. But he's grinning and doesn't look injured or anything, and this is normal enough, so the only people who should be freaking out are freshmen and anyone who had something being worked on in one of the school's labs because uh yeah.]

If anyone's got time, I could use an extra hand down in the lab fixin' up this mechanical dragon. Anyone who knows how to use a soldering iron'd be good, the enchantment whoever put on it back when it was made hasn't really responded well to havin' someone try to use magic on it. [Which is why he's all sooty and explains that loud BOOM you all probably heard a while ago, sorry about that. :c]

[Open Spam for the Lab]

[Trip's just going to be working away in the lab during his free time today, wrestling with the pretty large iron dragon which occasionally still spits out flame that... then needs to be put out before the fire alarm goes off. It's a fun project, and he's been having a good time with it, but the lab's starting to smell a little. Singed.

Anyone walking by will be hearing a series of bangs, cracks and small explosive-ish sounds, which isn't really
unusual around here, but it still probably worth taking a second look at, so long as you're careful actually coming in the lab.]

[ooc: Trip Tucker's a senior in Mongoose, who is basically "that kid who's always causing explosions in classes that don't even have thing to blow up". He's actually really smart, but just has lousy luck and doesn't really know when to stop pushing the limits. He mostly hangs out with the other nerdy kids, but likes to try and encourage them out of hiding in the lab and go to Quidditch games and stuff like that.

Tags will be coming from [personal profile] tripliketriple.]
Commander Charles Tucker III
17 July 2012 @ 01:54 pm
For any new people on board, my name's Commander Charles Tucker the Third, but everyone calls me Trip. I'm the head of the maintenance and repair crew here with Dean Winchester - when he's not in a coma - and the engine room with Toshiko Sato and Shego. If anyone wants to do work with either department, get in touch with me or one of the other wardens in charge and we can try to hash something out.

Now that the flood's cleared up, is anyone in the mood for a movie night? I was thinkin' tonight after dinner, but if someone's got a better idea, let me know. I'm open to suggestions on what people wanna watch.

[Private to Jefferson]

I've got your file. You wanna sit down and talk somewhere about how this is gonna work?
Commander Charles Tucker III
07 July 2012 @ 02:27 pm
If anyone's been lookin' for T'Pol, she's in a coma. I'm bringing her down to the infirmary now.

[Private to Ivy]

If you need anything while she's out, give me a holler. [Or, you know, ask someone else if for whatever reason you don't want to ask Trip, but figured he'd offer.]
Commander Charles Tucker III
07 June 2012 @ 06:41 pm
For anyone who's curious, the Once-ler's gone. Off my item, door's normal and everything. [Trip just sounds... tired. Resigned. Because lol this is inmate NUMBER SEVEN and he's been here for forever and he just wants to go home, why does he have such shitty luck.] Anyway, if anyone's excited about it, take it somewhere else. I'm really not in the mood to hear about it.

[AND MOVING RIGHT ALONG by getting down to business:]

There're inmate positions available on the Maintenance and Repair crews, and in the engine room, if anyone's interested. We do background checks with your wardens before lettin' anyone start working, but you don't need to have a background in either of 'em to volunteer. Get in touch with me or Shego for the engine room, or me or Dean for Maintenance if you've got questions.

Anyway, it's been a while since we've had a movie night. I was thinking somethin' along the lines of Aliens, but if anyone's got any suggestions, lemme know. Tonight in the common room on level six, if people are interested.
Commander Charles Tucker III
16 May 2012 @ 01:45 pm
Well, that was... weird. I mean, I knew there was a TV show about my universe and everything, but it's kind of another thing to think there's a show about us, here, that people watch and get creepy about. Which apparently they do back in the real world too with Star Trek, if that Vegas trip was supposed to teach us anythin'. [Fandom, what are you.]

I'm kinda figurin' this is one of those things you can't think too hard about, or you'll drive yourself crazy.

And for anyone who has heard that kinda thing about themselves, that they're from a movie or a TV show or something? Don't watch it. It's weird and you find out all sorts of weird stuff about people that you might have wanted to just keep in the dark.

Anyway, tonight we're gonna have a showing of A League of Their Own down in the common room on level six. It's a movie from 1992 about a female baseball team, and if anyone knows the line "There's no crying in baseball!", this is where that's from. It's a really good movie, so you all should come down and watch, if you're in the mood.

[Private to the Once-ler]

You doin' alright?

[Private to T'Pol]

So. I know we're not supposed to take stuff durin' things like that all that seriously, but. [lol awkward. :|||] What the hell were they talking about, you being on Trellium-D?
Commander Charles Tucker III
07 May 2012 @ 08:04 pm
You know, I think that's the third coma I've been in since I got here? Getting kinda tired of just missing a couple days without warning.

Anyway, from a quick look at the network, it doesn't look like I missed anything too major. Anyone up for a movie night sometime this week? If you've got suggestions, I'd be happy to hear 'em.

[Private to the Once-ler]

Sorry I'm late getting back to you, the Admiral's got a real lousy sense of timing sometimes. I'm Commander Charles Tucker the Third, but everyone just calls me Trip. You been settling in okay?
Commander Charles Tucker III
03 April 2012 @ 12:41 pm
[Private Message to Trip]

Which is basically going to crush his soul for the foreseeable future. )

[Open Spam for the Pub]

After finding the message Elizabeth had left him, Trip hadn't really known what to do with himself. He honestly felt kind of in shock, somewhere between wanting to cry and throw things before storming the bridge and punching the Admiral in the face because where the fuck did he get off on bringing people's dead family members back without giving them a chance to actually say anything to them? And there was a lot he wanted to say to her. It just felt like the cherry on the sundae of his shitty existence on the Barge, and he didn't want to deal with it right now.

He got up to leave his room, but as soon as he was in the hallway, he realized he didn't have any idea where he actually wanted to go. He didn't want to talk to T'Pol or Jim or anyone, really, because he didn't know what there was to say about it that he hadn't said already, years ago now, and he didn't want to bring it all up again. He didn't want to forget about Lizzie, but all that post traumatic stress and everything that went along with it had been handled. He didn't want to go through the grieving process again, he didn't want to deal with people asking him questions or talking about how wonderful the flood had been, and he really didn't think he wanted to be here at all right now.

So he headed to the pub. He helped himself to a bottle of whatever he could get his hands on first, a shot glass and set himself up in a corner away from everyone else, planning on getting really, really drunk, and good luck to anyone who decided to convince him this was the opposite of a healthy way to cope with what had happened.
Commander Charles Tucker III
01 April 2012 @ 05:11 pm
[Lizzie's set herself up in Trip's room, which is a little bit of an organized mess - Trip doesn't actually live in here so much as just work/do little projects/that sort of thing so his mess isn't in T'Pol's room - but has been cleaned up a little. She's also borrowing some of T'Pol's clothes because lol no one wants to touch Trip's closet, and doesn't look all that bothered to be here.

She's got the same kind of Southern drawl as her brother, and smiles at the camera like this is totally normal, because really video messages are pretty much super common where she's from and thus no awkward camera juggling will be going on here.]

I'm Elizabeth Tucker, but most people call me Lizzie. I'm an architect from Florida and back home, it's 2152. I know Trip's in charge of the engine room here, but I'm pretty much useless when it comes to machines and all that, so if anyone's got questions... might wanna ask one of the staff members who's actually here most days before you come find me.

So, it's Trip's birthday today. Kinda too bad he's not actually around for it, but you all should still treat him nice when he gets back, alright? He likes chocolate cake and horror movies. Or movies in general, really, ever since he was a kid. There was a movie theater near our house growin' up we'd go to a lot, and I used to scream like a banshee when he wouldn't take me with him.

Anyway, it's been real nice getting to meet all of you. This is one heck of a ship.

[ooc: Will be tagging with [personal profile] likeabanshee. Lizzie is from before the whole being horribly murdered by space aliens thing and Trip is going to be a bucket of angst when it's over so. Expect a distraught chief engineer in a while. :V]
Commander Charles Tucker III
20 March 2012 @ 08:06 pm
[So for anyone who might have noticed, Trip has been basically pretty despondent since after our little vacation to Repo! Land, mostly because the mirror universe counterpart of his best friend told him he's responsible for Archer getting hurt and Trip doesn't actually know he's not from their universe yet because Malcolm is a manipulative douche.

That said, movie night has kind of been a little spotty, and while Trip's tried to keep his enthusiasm up for it because he knows it's kind of helpful to have something fun to look forward to that isn't sitting around waiting to/for inmates to graduate, so he's rallying himself a little, but he still sounds a little down.]

You know, pirates were always kinda a big deal where I grew up. Not necessarily in Panama City specifically, but just in general, people in the beach-y parts of Florida still got kinda enthusiastic about 'em.

It's been a while since I've been back there, but it was kind of a nice reminder of stuff back home. [Which got destroyed by an alien superweapon. :|


As long as anyone doesn't have a problem with it since that was more or less low key as far as breaches go, I was thinkin' of doing a pirate movie marathon for movie night tomorrow, some time after dinner in the common room on level six.

So far, the list I've come up with is The Crimson Pirate, Treasure Island and at least the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I've got the other ones if people're interested, but I gotta warn you in advance, they're not exactly great cinema, plot wise. And this is comin' from a guy who's kinda a buff on B Horror films from the 1950's, so, that probably says somethin' about what to expect.

If anyone's got any other suggestions, feel free to let me know.
Commander Charles Tucker III
29 February 2012 @ 05:39 pm
I think we need to have a movie night in the infirmary what do people want to watch. probbly not a horror movie tho we've had enough of that for like a month an ahalf.

you know jim you havent stabbed me in months


im so broud of you.

I was going to tell you in person but idont think i'm going anywhere soon so since I was thinkng about it

Hey malclom and tpol i think yo're still in here right maybe? I don't rememer are you both okay. who else is in here still what movie do you want to watch

prefect how come the admiral is like trying to set us up together I am married. you are v nice and evrything but im married.

seriously tho are you okay that port was lousy

that goes for everyone how are you all doing
Commander Charles Tucker III
10 February 2012 @ 12:52 pm
You know, I think one of the worst parts about being here is there isn't actually that much to do. The rest of it - being cooped up here with more or less the same group of people for months at a time - isn't all that different from what I do back home, but there's always something to work on or fix or figure out how to improve, and we kinda don't have that here. Working in the engine room's more like maintenance than actually fixing problems and boosting warp yield or trying to figure out what to do to make sure another Xindi attack isn't gonna rip through the hull plating and kill everyone. And fixin' up the washing machines whenever they get burned out kinda isn't as mentally stimulating as cobbling together some makeshift communicator outta the broken remains of an alien shuttle and your phase pistol.

Back when Rex was around, we used to do little projects and stuff to help pass the time. Nothing too crazy or anything, just little things to give us something to do, and I miss that. [Also he just misses Rex in general but. :c]

I guess what I'm saying is if anyone wants to do some kind of project - which will probably need your warden's approval if you're an inmate, just to be on the safe side - I'd be happy to lend a hand or something.

And I think I'm gonna try to build a treehouse in the CES. We all know it can't produce man made stuff, and people go in there and wreck up the place enough and it always looks fine afterwards, but I wanna see if it'll keep something added into it, and a treehouse sounded like a decent place to start off. If anyone wants to help, I'd be happy to have you.
Commander Charles Tucker III
17 January 2012 @ 07:08 pm
[So Trip has been kind of laying low to work off the after effects of trying to attack Kay while under the influence of Pandora, but is officially back to normal now, and is going to try throwing himself back into work because that is how he rolls.]

I just want to apologize to anyone I might have annoyed over the last couple days. Or weeks, I guess. I'm still really not sure on some of the details, but I guess Pandora nabbed me, too.

Anyway. Since Tosh left and Shego and O'Brien graduated, we're understaffed in the engine room if there're any inmates who want something to do with themselves, with their warden's approval, of course. And it's just Rush and me over with Maintenance and Repair if any inmates are more interested in doing that.

You don't need to have skill in either of 'em to work, just let me know what you can do and I can walk you through the rest.

And Shego, if you're ever in the mood to come back and help out, you're welcome to.

[Private to Sheo]

I'm real sorry we had to start off while I wasn't really myself. I'm thinkin' we should maybe sit down and talk now that things are actually... back to normal.

[And as an afterthought:] I can bring some food, if you wanna meet in person?

[And added a little while later:]

Has anyone seen Capa around?