Commander Charles Tucker III
28 July 2012 @ 05:09 pm
[Trip click on the video feed and is uh. Honestly covered in black soot. But he's grinning and doesn't look injured or anything, and this is normal enough, so the only people who should be freaking out are freshmen and anyone who had something being worked on in one of the school's labs because uh yeah.]

If anyone's got time, I could use an extra hand down in the lab fixin' up this mechanical dragon. Anyone who knows how to use a soldering iron'd be good, the enchantment whoever put on it back when it was made hasn't really responded well to havin' someone try to use magic on it. [Which is why he's all sooty and explains that loud BOOM you all probably heard a while ago, sorry about that. :c]

[Open Spam for the Lab]

[Trip's just going to be working away in the lab during his free time today, wrestling with the pretty large iron dragon which occasionally still spits out flame that... then needs to be put out before the fire alarm goes off. It's a fun project, and he's been having a good time with it, but the lab's starting to smell a little. Singed.

Anyone walking by will be hearing a series of bangs, cracks and small explosive-ish sounds, which isn't really
unusual around here, but it still probably worth taking a second look at, so long as you're careful actually coming in the lab.]

[ooc: Trip Tucker's a senior in Mongoose, who is basically "that kid who's always causing explosions in classes that don't even have thing to blow up". He's actually really smart, but just has lousy luck and doesn't really know when to stop pushing the limits. He mostly hangs out with the other nerdy kids, but likes to try and encourage them out of hiding in the lab and go to Quidditch games and stuff like that.

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Commander Charles Tucker III
18 December 2011 @ 02:40 pm
[Hey everyone. Say hello to Trip, who is approximately all of sixteenish years old and wearing this lovely surfing Santa Hawaiian shirt to reflect just how much he fucking loves this holiday.

... To the point of maybe not really understanding why you would ever want to celebrate anything else and has probably acted with extreme confusion when people have mentioned things like not celebrating Christmas, Merlin please teach him other holidays are cool too before he offends someone. :c]

You know, holidays are great. I like Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July, and I'm a little sad when Halloween has gone by, but let's be honest here. Christmas is just the best of them all.

So, we've got officially less than a week until it happens, and I think I've finally gotten all my gift wrapping done. Good thing too, since I'm pretty sure when Mom and Dad get back they'll be pretty much impossible to hide stuff from since - you know - it's their house and they're hiding unwrapped presents for us around the place too. Now I've just got to finish the gingerbread house - [More like mansion or fortress at this point. :V] - and I'm pretty sure that's it.

What's everyone else planning on doing for the holiday?

[ooc: Trip is going to be learning about other people's holiday traditions and that Christmas is not the be all and end all of the holiday season with the help of Merlin a la the Puzzle Place holiday special - does anyone else remember this show or is my 90's showing? - but feel free to chime in and say you're being a dick if you don't celebrate Christmas. Also Steph is his trollish older sister. Any assumed connection with him is totally cool with me!

And I will be replying with [ profile] tripliketriple because delicious icons.]
Commander Charles Tucker III
19 May 2011 @ 07:47 pm
[Private to Fred]

You've been real quiet lately. What's a man gotta do to get a hello from his sister?

[Private to T'Pol]

Mind tellin' me why Davey's got so much ta say about "Mister Jim" and some horse?

[He sounds... sort of grumpy. >>]

[Spam for Kirkkkkk]

This would have creative cut text, but I am tired. )