Commander Charles Tucker III
03 April 2012 @ 12:41 pm
[Private Message to Trip]

Which is basically going to crush his soul for the foreseeable future. )

[Open Spam for the Pub]

After finding the message Elizabeth had left him, Trip hadn't really known what to do with himself. He honestly felt kind of in shock, somewhere between wanting to cry and throw things before storming the bridge and punching the Admiral in the face because where the fuck did he get off on bringing people's dead family members back without giving them a chance to actually say anything to them? And there was a lot he wanted to say to her. It just felt like the cherry on the sundae of his shitty existence on the Barge, and he didn't want to deal with it right now.

He got up to leave his room, but as soon as he was in the hallway, he realized he didn't have any idea where he actually wanted to go. He didn't want to talk to T'Pol or Jim or anyone, really, because he didn't know what there was to say about it that he hadn't said already, years ago now, and he didn't want to bring it all up again. He didn't want to forget about Lizzie, but all that post traumatic stress and everything that went along with it had been handled. He didn't want to go through the grieving process again, he didn't want to deal with people asking him questions or talking about how wonderful the flood had been, and he really didn't think he wanted to be here at all right now.

So he headed to the pub. He helped himself to a bottle of whatever he could get his hands on first, a shot glass and set himself up in a corner away from everyone else, planning on getting really, really drunk, and good luck to anyone who decided to convince him this was the opposite of a healthy way to cope with what had happened.
Commander Charles Tucker III
01 April 2012 @ 05:11 pm
[Lizzie's set herself up in Trip's room, which is a little bit of an organized mess - Trip doesn't actually live in here so much as just work/do little projects/that sort of thing so his mess isn't in T'Pol's room - but has been cleaned up a little. She's also borrowing some of T'Pol's clothes because lol no one wants to touch Trip's closet, and doesn't look all that bothered to be here.

She's got the same kind of Southern drawl as her brother, and smiles at the camera like this is totally normal, because really video messages are pretty much super common where she's from and thus no awkward camera juggling will be going on here.]

I'm Elizabeth Tucker, but most people call me Lizzie. I'm an architect from Florida and back home, it's 2152. I know Trip's in charge of the engine room here, but I'm pretty much useless when it comes to machines and all that, so if anyone's got questions... might wanna ask one of the staff members who's actually here most days before you come find me.

So, it's Trip's birthday today. Kinda too bad he's not actually around for it, but you all should still treat him nice when he gets back, alright? He likes chocolate cake and horror movies. Or movies in general, really, ever since he was a kid. There was a movie theater near our house growin' up we'd go to a lot, and I used to scream like a banshee when he wouldn't take me with him.

Anyway, it's been real nice getting to meet all of you. This is one heck of a ship.

[ooc: Will be tagging with [personal profile] likeabanshee. Lizzie is from before the whole being horribly murdered by space aliens thing and Trip is going to be a bucket of angst when it's over so. Expect a distraught chief engineer in a while. :V]