Commander Charles Tucker III
14 October 2011 @ 03:09 pm
[There's a sharp squawk of static before the transmission starts, and while there's the occasional garbled word, most of it's audible.]

So Jim and I ripped apart my communicator, and whatever's goin' on with the network, it's nothing actually wrong with the devices, that I can tell. Mine's still workin' like it should, except that it's... not.

And in case you were curious, Capa, we're both still alive. [He's teasing you. WHY SO WORRIED, CAPA.] If anyone wants me to take a look at theirs or somethin', I'd be happy to. Who knows, we might get lucky and figure somethin' out.

And for anyone who's wonderin', the engines are still workin' just fine. So whatever's goin' on, we're still movin' along, things mostly as usual. If any of that changes, we'll let you know.
Commander Charles Tucker III
23 July 2011 @ 05:53 pm
You know, a while ago, a friend of mine and I were talkin' about whether or not we'd want to see what our futures would be like before they happened. Malcolm was pretty dead set that it'd be something he'd be interested in, but I'd rather not know. Saves me from havin' to question whether I'm doin' it because I'm supposed to or if it's somethin' I'm doing because someone told me I was gonna. I said I'd rather go visit the past. Always wanted to meet a stegosaurus. And I got to in port last weekend.

Still think I had the better idea.
Commander Charles Tucker III
25 May 2011 @ 08:31 pm
Two of my inmates - Deadpool and Ray - both said that some stuff from my universe's part of a TV show called Star Trek and it kinda made me start thinkin' about some stuff. We've got a lot of people who's lives are apparently documented in movies and books and stuff in other universes, and some of us have access to 'em and some of us don't.

So, I was wonderin', If in some other universe, there was a movie about your life or a TV show or something, that's pretty much exactly accurate and therefore kinda weird for other people to just... have access to, would you want to watch it?

I know this is kinda a subject some people get annoyed with when it comes up, since we've got a lotta people here who apparently are in movies or comic books in other universes, and I just wanna be clear that I'm not tryin' to ask questions about that or questionin' who's "real" and whose not, I'm just honestly curious if anyone'd want to see their life on screen or not.

[Private to the Admiral]

I'd like copies of the TV show or book series or movie or comic books or whatever that've been made about me in other universes.
Commander Charles Tucker III
10 April 2011 @ 09:52 pm
So, as of a couple days ago, the Fourth Doctor handed over control of Maintenance and Repair to me, and I thought everyone might as well know in case there's any confusion about who's doing what now. Back home I'm the chief engineer on board the first warp five capable starship, so I'm pretty confident in sayin' that taking care of anything busted around here is pretty well within my capabilities.

Right now the only person we've got on staff besides me is Slade Wilson, and while I'm sure the two of us'd be able ta make things work if we had to, if anyone's got an inmate who needs a job, or if there're any inmates who want to volunteer, we'd be happy ta have ya on board.

If anyone's got any questions, lemme know.

Oh, and Martha and I were tossin' around the idea of another movie night sometime soon. Anyone got any requests?

[Private to Slade]

As you know, I'm gonna be your new boss, assumin' you're still interested in workin' on the staff. And, uh, your new warden's sorta my wife.
Commander Charles Tucker III
04 April 2011 @ 10:02 pm
I think everything that needs ta be said's been said about our latest fiasco, so all I'm gonna say is while I don't appreciate bein' under the affect of the Nanomites or that the whole thing happened in the first place, I think it's pretty safe ta say violence breeds more violence, and it might be in our best interests to just move on with our lives. We're all still here, and things coulda been a lot worse.

I get wantin' revenge, I really do - not on this, maybe, but on other stuff - but it's a lot better in theory then in practice.

[Private to Martha]

I know you've probably got your hands full with people either makin' threats or comin' down ta make sure no one's makin' good on those threats, but if ya need an extra hand with security or anything while Rex is in there? Lemme know.

[Private to Capa]

Told ya it was broken. [It being the telescope. He's also just teasing you.]

What happened to the sun, where you're from, if you don't mind me askin'?

[Private to Kirk]

You need any help fixin' anything else, or did we get all that under control?