Commander Charles Tucker III
07 June 2012 @ 06:41 pm
For anyone who's curious, the Once-ler's gone. Off my item, door's normal and everything. [Trip just sounds... tired. Resigned. Because lol this is inmate NUMBER SEVEN and he's been here for forever and he just wants to go home, why does he have such shitty luck.] Anyway, if anyone's excited about it, take it somewhere else. I'm really not in the mood to hear about it.

[AND MOVING RIGHT ALONG by getting down to business:]

There're inmate positions available on the Maintenance and Repair crews, and in the engine room, if anyone's interested. We do background checks with your wardens before lettin' anyone start working, but you don't need to have a background in either of 'em to volunteer. Get in touch with me or Shego for the engine room, or me or Dean for Maintenance if you've got questions.

Anyway, it's been a while since we've had a movie night. I was thinking somethin' along the lines of Aliens, but if anyone's got any suggestions, lemme know. Tonight in the common room on level six, if people are interested.
Commander Charles Tucker III
07 May 2012 @ 08:04 pm
You know, I think that's the third coma I've been in since I got here? Getting kinda tired of just missing a couple days without warning.

Anyway, from a quick look at the network, it doesn't look like I missed anything too major. Anyone up for a movie night sometime this week? If you've got suggestions, I'd be happy to hear 'em.

[Private to the Once-ler]

Sorry I'm late getting back to you, the Admiral's got a real lousy sense of timing sometimes. I'm Commander Charles Tucker the Third, but everyone just calls me Trip. You been settling in okay?
Commander Charles Tucker III
10 February 2012 @ 12:52 pm
You know, I think one of the worst parts about being here is there isn't actually that much to do. The rest of it - being cooped up here with more or less the same group of people for months at a time - isn't all that different from what I do back home, but there's always something to work on or fix or figure out how to improve, and we kinda don't have that here. Working in the engine room's more like maintenance than actually fixing problems and boosting warp yield or trying to figure out what to do to make sure another Xindi attack isn't gonna rip through the hull plating and kill everyone. And fixin' up the washing machines whenever they get burned out kinda isn't as mentally stimulating as cobbling together some makeshift communicator outta the broken remains of an alien shuttle and your phase pistol.

Back when Rex was around, we used to do little projects and stuff to help pass the time. Nothing too crazy or anything, just little things to give us something to do, and I miss that. [Also he just misses Rex in general but. :c]

I guess what I'm saying is if anyone wants to do some kind of project - which will probably need your warden's approval if you're an inmate, just to be on the safe side - I'd be happy to lend a hand or something.

And I think I'm gonna try to build a treehouse in the CES. We all know it can't produce man made stuff, and people go in there and wreck up the place enough and it always looks fine afterwards, but I wanna see if it'll keep something added into it, and a treehouse sounded like a decent place to start off. If anyone wants to help, I'd be happy to have you.