Commander Charles Tucker III
07 June 2012 @ 06:41 pm
For anyone who's curious, the Once-ler's gone. Off my item, door's normal and everything. [Trip just sounds... tired. Resigned. Because lol this is inmate NUMBER SEVEN and he's been here for forever and he just wants to go home, why does he have such shitty luck.] Anyway, if anyone's excited about it, take it somewhere else. I'm really not in the mood to hear about it.

[AND MOVING RIGHT ALONG by getting down to business:]

There're inmate positions available on the Maintenance and Repair crews, and in the engine room, if anyone's interested. We do background checks with your wardens before lettin' anyone start working, but you don't need to have a background in either of 'em to volunteer. Get in touch with me or Shego for the engine room, or me or Dean for Maintenance if you've got questions.

Anyway, it's been a while since we've had a movie night. I was thinking somethin' along the lines of Aliens, but if anyone's got any suggestions, lemme know. Tonight in the common room on level six, if people are interested.
Commander Charles Tucker III
17 January 2012 @ 07:08 pm
[So Trip has been kind of laying low to work off the after effects of trying to attack Kay while under the influence of Pandora, but is officially back to normal now, and is going to try throwing himself back into work because that is how he rolls.]

I just want to apologize to anyone I might have annoyed over the last couple days. Or weeks, I guess. I'm still really not sure on some of the details, but I guess Pandora nabbed me, too.

Anyway. Since Tosh left and Shego and O'Brien graduated, we're understaffed in the engine room if there're any inmates who want something to do with themselves, with their warden's approval, of course. And it's just Rush and me over with Maintenance and Repair if any inmates are more interested in doing that.

You don't need to have skill in either of 'em to work, just let me know what you can do and I can walk you through the rest.

And Shego, if you're ever in the mood to come back and help out, you're welcome to.

[Private to Sheo]

I'm real sorry we had to start off while I wasn't really myself. I'm thinkin' we should maybe sit down and talk now that things are actually... back to normal.

[And as an afterthought:] I can bring some food, if you wanna meet in person?

[And added a little while later:]

Has anyone seen Capa around?
Commander Charles Tucker III
25 June 2011 @ 06:01 pm
[The entry starts off as audio, and throughout this portion of the presentation, there's a soft kind of gurgling, clicking noise, which sort of sounds like something that could be out of a Jurassic Park film. Trip is mostly ignoring it, although those with particularly sharp ears can tell he's pacing around his room a little.]

About a year ago back home, maybe a little more now that I've been here for a couple months, we were chasin' after this hostile alien species across the Delphic Expanse, and while we were headin' towards Azati Prime - which is, for everyone who's not familiar with space outside of our solar system - a Red Dwarf Star, we found one of their ships crashed on a planet. Before they'd crashed, they'd diverted all their power to this hatchery on board. Apparently they took their eggs with them on their ships, and when our captain touched one of them, it squirted him with somethin'.

The eggs had some kinda... defense mechanism programmed in, that made him think the only thing that mattered was protectin' the eggs. The mission we were on, Enterprise, the safety of Earth, none of that mattered to him because the neurotoxin he'd been hit with made him imprint on them, and I think somethin' like that happened to me durin' port.

Kay and I were in this marketplace, and I guess I musta found this egg.

[Pause, more gurgling and clicking.] Hey, cut it out, that's not yours-

[Another pause, and he switches on the video. The source of the clicking/gurgling/Velociraptior noises is, in fact, a small creature that looks sort of like a dragon. It's about the size of the average kitten, and has tiny folding wings along its back. It's currently sitting on Trip's desk happily chewing at the shoelaces of his sneakers.]

Well, anyway, it hatched. Anyone actually know what this thing is? Or... what to feed it? I think I'm alright now, whatever crazy, single minded focus I had goin' with it's gone now, but I guess if someone in the infirmary wouldn't mind doin' some scans to make sure I'm not... psychically linked to it or somethin', I'd sure appreciate it.

Give me that - [And Trip shuts off the camera as he goes to retrieve his sneaker from his new fake dragon lizard thing.]

[Private to Preston]

How're you doing? Wanna take this thing up to the CES for a little while with me?
Commander Charles Tucker III
15 April 2011 @ 06:20 pm
How about next time we have a ball game, we try somethin' like water polo? The pool's big enough for that, right?

Of course, I really only know one guy who was all that into it, so I guess maybe somethin' like soccer'd go over better, but guess I'm gettin' kinda homesick about certain stuff, and havin' my ear chewed off about Stanford's chances against the University of Texas in the finals wasn't ever all that bad ta begin with. Weird what stuff ya end up missin' and what ya don't.

[Private to Ray]

So, looks like we're gonna be seein' a lot more of each other. I'm Commander Charles Tucker the Third, but everyone calls me Trip.