Commander Charles Tucker III
29 February 2012 @ 05:39 pm
I think we need to have a movie night in the infirmary what do people want to watch. probbly not a horror movie tho we've had enough of that for like a month an ahalf.

you know jim you havent stabbed me in months


im so broud of you.

I was going to tell you in person but idont think i'm going anywhere soon so since I was thinkng about it

Hey malclom and tpol i think yo're still in here right maybe? I don't rememer are you both okay. who else is in here still what movie do you want to watch

prefect how come the admiral is like trying to set us up together I am married. you are v nice and evrything but im married.

seriously tho are you okay that port was lousy

that goes for everyone how are you all doing
Commander Charles Tucker III
20 March 2011 @ 11:51 pm
[Trip is comfortably set up in the infirmary, or, as comfortably as one can be while death tolling because LOL someone got his ass murdered by Venom. He is also quasi high as a kite.]

I think I got killed by somethin' I've seen in a movie. Or somethin'.

... Back home, this one time, we ran inta these people from... the future, I guess. Happens a lot, sorta, back where I'm from. And I was dead in their future. Didn't even get ta really see my kid grow up. Again.

Might be stupid ta feel like the universe's out ta get me or somethin' but.

[He blinks heavily, wincing a little as he shifts on the bed. There's a long pause before he suddenly stares at the camera for a moment, brow furrowed sort of seriously.]

And Jim? You gotta find someone else ta pick on next time you get your ass possessed by somethin' and decide ta stab people with things.  I'd hate ta think we're developin' a pattern here.

[Private to The Fourth Doctor]

I'm real sorry for the way I acted.

[Private to B'Elanna]

That's possibly one of the worst first impressions I've managed ta make here. I'm real sorry I was such a jackass.

[Private to T'Pol]

I want to get her back

You remember Lorian

I'm real sorry about

I love

I didn't mean any of it.