Commander Charles Tucker III
20 March 2012 @ 08:06 pm
[So for anyone who might have noticed, Trip has been basically pretty despondent since after our little vacation to Repo! Land, mostly because the mirror universe counterpart of his best friend told him he's responsible for Archer getting hurt and Trip doesn't actually know he's not from their universe yet because Malcolm is a manipulative douche.

That said, movie night has kind of been a little spotty, and while Trip's tried to keep his enthusiasm up for it because he knows it's kind of helpful to have something fun to look forward to that isn't sitting around waiting to/for inmates to graduate, so he's rallying himself a little, but he still sounds a little down.]

You know, pirates were always kinda a big deal where I grew up. Not necessarily in Panama City specifically, but just in general, people in the beach-y parts of Florida still got kinda enthusiastic about 'em.

It's been a while since I've been back there, but it was kind of a nice reminder of stuff back home. [Which got destroyed by an alien superweapon. :|


As long as anyone doesn't have a problem with it since that was more or less low key as far as breaches go, I was thinkin' of doing a pirate movie marathon for movie night tomorrow, some time after dinner in the common room on level six.

So far, the list I've come up with is The Crimson Pirate, Treasure Island and at least the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I've got the other ones if people're interested, but I gotta warn you in advance, they're not exactly great cinema, plot wise. And this is comin' from a guy who's kinda a buff on B Horror films from the 1950's, so, that probably says somethin' about what to expect.

If anyone's got any other suggestions, feel free to let me know.