Commander Charles Tucker III
17 January 2012 @ 07:08 pm
[So Trip has been kind of laying low to work off the after effects of trying to attack Kay while under the influence of Pandora, but is officially back to normal now, and is going to try throwing himself back into work because that is how he rolls.]

I just want to apologize to anyone I might have annoyed over the last couple days. Or weeks, I guess. I'm still really not sure on some of the details, but I guess Pandora nabbed me, too.

Anyway. Since Tosh left and Shego and O'Brien graduated, we're understaffed in the engine room if there're any inmates who want something to do with themselves, with their warden's approval, of course. And it's just Rush and me over with Maintenance and Repair if any inmates are more interested in doing that.

You don't need to have skill in either of 'em to work, just let me know what you can do and I can walk you through the rest.

And Shego, if you're ever in the mood to come back and help out, you're welcome to.

[Private to Sheo]

I'm real sorry we had to start off while I wasn't really myself. I'm thinkin' we should maybe sit down and talk now that things are actually... back to normal.

[And as an afterthought:] I can bring some food, if you wanna meet in person?

[And added a little while later:]

Has anyone seen Capa around?
Commander Charles Tucker III
14 October 2011 @ 03:09 pm
[There's a sharp squawk of static before the transmission starts, and while there's the occasional garbled word, most of it's audible.]

So Jim and I ripped apart my communicator, and whatever's goin' on with the network, it's nothing actually wrong with the devices, that I can tell. Mine's still workin' like it should, except that it's... not.

And in case you were curious, Capa, we're both still alive. [He's teasing you. WHY SO WORRIED, CAPA.] If anyone wants me to take a look at theirs or somethin', I'd be happy to. Who knows, we might get lucky and figure somethin' out.

And for anyone who's wonderin', the engines are still workin' just fine. So whatever's goin' on, we're still movin' along, things mostly as usual. If any of that changes, we'll let you know.
Commander Charles Tucker III
07 October 2011 @ 01:49 pm
[The first several seconds of transmission are pretty badly garbled with static, and maybe the occasional word that sounds sort of like Trip trying to rip apart his communicator to figure out what the hell's going on. Because that is prettyyyy much what he's doing.]

- something's wrong with the communicators, wish I knew how the damn thing - [And more static, and eventually there's something that sounds sort of like Trip's resorted to smacking the journal against something. The feed finally clears up enough to be understood, but there's still the occasional squawk of static.]

Does anyone know how this stuff'd start messin' around with the communicators? I've seen a lotta stuff in my time, but I've gotta admit, my only experience with actual ghosts and stuff's either been here or in movies.

Anyway. To any new arrivals, I'm Commander Charles Tucker the Third, Chief Engineer on board the starship Enterprise. That's the NX-01, the original one, not the one Kirk, McCoy and Spock are from. Call me Trip. I'm one of the wardens in charge of the engine room and the head of maintenance and repair. If anyone wants to lend a hand or somethin' in either department, lemme or Tosh know.

[Fail!Private to Tosh, actually sent to Capa]

You been able to get in the engine room?

[Private to Rex]

Assumin' we can get into the lab, you wanna do some work on the robot arm project when you've got time?

[Fail!Private to Moriarty, actually PUBLIC]

I've been thinkin' we should do some - [And more static, and feed cut.]

[And later, Private to Kay]

I need a goddam drink.
Commander Charles Tucker III
06 August 2011 @ 01:30 pm
I've been meanin' to say somethin' about how if I did anything durin' the flood that uh. Annoyed people or anythin', I'm sorry. I know excitable, friendly dogs aren't exactly everyone's cup of tea. I don't know if I'll ever be lookin' at a tennis ball the same way again.

If we've had that one before, maybe the Admiral's runnin' out of ideas of stuff to put us through. Or somethin'. [He's mostly teasing.]

[Science-y Friends Filter - Martha, Capa, Tosh, Rex, Bruce, Sarah, Flynn + T'Pol]

Anyone up for a group field trip down to the pub? Figure us science types need some downtime once and a while too.

[Private to Tosh]

Speaking of which, where've you been, lately?
Commander Charles Tucker III
04 April 2011 @ 10:02 pm
I think everything that needs ta be said's been said about our latest fiasco, so all I'm gonna say is while I don't appreciate bein' under the affect of the Nanomites or that the whole thing happened in the first place, I think it's pretty safe ta say violence breeds more violence, and it might be in our best interests to just move on with our lives. We're all still here, and things coulda been a lot worse.

I get wantin' revenge, I really do - not on this, maybe, but on other stuff - but it's a lot better in theory then in practice.

[Private to Martha]

I know you've probably got your hands full with people either makin' threats or comin' down ta make sure no one's makin' good on those threats, but if ya need an extra hand with security or anything while Rex is in there? Lemme know.

[Private to Capa]

Told ya it was broken. [It being the telescope. He's also just teasing you.]

What happened to the sun, where you're from, if you don't mind me askin'?

[Private to Kirk]

You need any help fixin' anything else, or did we get all that under control?