inhistorybooks: (Movie night is awesome.)
Commander Charles Tucker III ([personal profile] inhistorybooks) wrote2011-01-28 11:23 pm

[006: audio]

This might just be a downside ta comin' from a sorta military background before endin' up here, but it's been kinda weird tryin' ta manage without much of a busy schedule outside of a port or flood every couple weeks.

So, anyone got any movie suggestions ta help kill some time? I'm kinda gettin' sick of my usual rotation. Heck I'd even take television suggestions, if you guys have got the equipment or somethin'.

[Private to Martha]

I hope I'm not steppin' on your toes or anythin', but I've been thinkin' about the whole movie night thing, and was wonderin' maybe if since we might be havin' a little down time in between ports and floods or whatever, you'd maybe be interested in tryin' ta work up some plans or somethin' for some future ones?

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