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[004: VIDEO]

[Trip's in his quarters, in his uniform like usual, and he looks pretty content. Not super happy, definitely not trying to be braggy or obnoxious or anything, because as weird as this place has been, he's not really looking to burn bridges or anything on his way out of here.

Not that he really has any bridges to burn, anyway.]

It's been... a really interesting couple months. [Or years. Not that he remembers that, but he knows about it, and he's heard a lot of weird stuff about his future. Not all of it's bad - he's not exactly pissed to hear that things apparently worked out great with him and T'Pol, and that their daughter was safe - but he's still had a hard time wrapping his mind around what Malcolm had said about him quitting his job and going undercover as. Something.]

And I'm not exactly ruling out that I'm 100% done with this place- I mean, apparently this is round two already? [Round three, actually, but who's counting?] But I've got stuff I've gotta get done back home, and [And now there's a sort of incredibly, incredibly relieved smile on his face, because seriously.] I really wanna get back and see my sister.

[Because holy shit, she's alive again, and he really wants to get back and see her.]

So, stay outta trouble, I guess. Maybe we'll run into each other again sometime.

[Private to Felix]

Invitation's still open, if you're ever looking for somewhere to settle down after you're done here. Pretty sure there're like half a dozen colleges and whatever that'd love having someone like you around, even if Starfleet's not up your alley.

[Private to Dean]

Thanks. [You've been a good pal. B(] I'd say keep an eye on him, but I don't think that's gonna be a problem.

[Private to Malcolm]

[This is harder, because he doesn't want to just ditch him here, but he can't promise he'll be back, either, and he really, really wants to go home.]

I'm sorry for running out on you like this, Malcolm. [And he is, really. He still doesn't really fully understand what the hell was going on in his friend's future, but he really doesn't love what he's heard, and he wishes there was some way to make it up to him. And this... isn't really it.] You wanna hit the pub before I head out?
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It's fine. You did your duty, and now you have your sister back. God knows what else might change for you then. [He gives a brief attempt at a smile, but it's hard to ignore how forced it looks. He is happy for Trip, really, but it's hard to see him leave.]

I'd love to see you off with a drink.
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Already on my way.

[And he is. He wouldn't miss seeing Trip off. To what one can only hope is a better life. A happier one, at least. Happier for the whole Tucker clan. He'll be sitting around waiting eagerly, almost not wanting the moment to come, but a drink and a chat with his good friend, well, he refuses to let it hurt. As much as it could hurt.]
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[Have a real, honest to god smile back, Trip. You have also been a good pal, and he knows about that whole dead sibling thing and what a relief it is.]

I want you to appreciate how hard it is for me not to make a really unfortunate joke right now.

Thank you. For sticking with him.
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I thought you might.

God only knows, but I'm glad we didn't have to find out. You know - well, you've seen what happens when people get shitty pairings. Wardens that don't give a shit or disappear, or don't pay attention.

I'm glad I didn't have to punch anyone out, is what I'm saying. I'm glad he got someone good.