inhistorybooks: (Woo away mission gone wrong.)
Commander Charles Tucker III ([personal profile] inhistorybooks) wrote2013-06-07 09:57 pm

[003 : VIDEO]

Anyone actually know how this is all happening? I've kinda got the point by now that nothing around here has a decent explanation that's actually based on science, but if anyone's done any research or write ups into what they've figured out about how the network works and why this might be happening - and how it runs on packing peanuts - let me know.

[And moving on from that:]

This is Commander Charles Tucker of the USS Enterprise. And that's the NX-01, not the fancy new one Kirk and Spock are from. If there's anyone else out there from back home, so far everything's in one piece. Pretty sure none've you'd believe the stuff I'm seeing here.

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