inhistorybooks: (Terra Prime can kiss my ass.)
Commander Charles Tucker III ([personal profile] inhistorybooks) wrote2013-06-04 11:44 pm

[ 002 : VOICE + SPAM ]

[Spam for the Engine Room + Level Eight]

[Trip hasn't necessarily been avoiding Felix since they got back from port, but he's certainly giving him space, which is why he's been careful to avoid hanging around the engine room while he's scheduled to be there. Apart from that, though, doing some work down there on trying to figure out how exactly this ship ran and what they could to to keep it running was a pretty good distraction from feeling like he'd made the biggest mistake of his life agreeing to come here.

So he's become a relatively common sight entering and leaving the engine room, occasionally covered in grease or grime or dust, and he works quietly if anyone else isn't interested in conversation, or engages more or less enthusiastically if the rest of the staff's willing not to be intolerable to talk with.]

[Private to Felix, after this thread.]

Dean told me what happened. You alright?

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