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[055: video/spam]

[Trip click on the video feed and is uh. Honestly covered in black soot. But he's grinning and doesn't look injured or anything, and this is normal enough, so the only people who should be freaking out are freshmen and anyone who had something being worked on in one of the school's labs because uh yeah.]

If anyone's got time, I could use an extra hand down in the lab fixin' up this mechanical dragon. Anyone who knows how to use a soldering iron'd be good, the enchantment whoever put on it back when it was made hasn't really responded well to havin' someone try to use magic on it. [Which is why he's all sooty and explains that loud BOOM you all probably heard a while ago, sorry about that. :c]

[Open Spam for the Lab]

[Trip's just going to be working away in the lab during his free time today, wrestling with the pretty large iron dragon which occasionally still spits out flame that... then needs to be put out before the fire alarm goes off. It's a fun project, and he's been having a good time with it, but the lab's starting to smell a little. Singed.

Anyone walking by will be hearing a series of bangs, cracks and small explosive-ish sounds, which isn't really
unusual around here, but it still probably worth taking a second look at, so long as you're careful actually coming in the lab.]

[ooc: Trip Tucker's a senior in Mongoose, who is basically "that kid who's always causing explosions in classes that don't even have thing to blow up". He's actually really smart, but just has lousy luck and doesn't really know when to stop pushing the limits. He mostly hangs out with the other nerdy kids, but likes to try and encourage them out of hiding in the lab and go to Quidditch games and stuff like that.

Tags will be coming from [personal profile] tripliketriple.]
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[Freshman Tosh is fortunately (?) immune to such things as 'freaking out'.]

I'll help.

I can practice my shielding spells while I'm there.

[She's not even somewhat kidding.]
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[She's a robot D:]

Hopefully you won't need 'em, but if you really want to, I'm not gonna stop you.
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What were you trying to do to it?
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Fix it up. Someone pushed it off the roof on a dare a couple weeks ago, goes without saying it kinda didn't take the fall well.
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If you haven't fixed it in two weeks you probably aren't going to.

[It sounds less like a diss and more like an observation.]
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[Trip just laughs.] It's been a busy two weeks, alright?
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I would have fixed it by now.

[Again, it'd be trash talk if it didn't sound so sincere.]

I'll come after I've done my homework. Please don't kill yourself.
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Hey, I've been alright so far, haven't I?
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[She doesn't dignify that with a response, but she does make her way over to the lab after classes, bag weighed down with a number of tomes she felt were relevant. And she's already wearing goggles. Eye safety is important and Trip has a tendency to explode things unexpectedly.

She moves very quietly and is short even for her age, making her way into the lab like a small serious ghost.]

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[Which means you are catching Trip off guard, tiny goggled one. :| He jumps a little and drops a wrench, swearing before turning around and staring at Toshiko.]

Hi. I'm starting to think you like sneaking up on me.
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Re: Spam

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No. I'm not going to give you any more reasons to...have accidents. [She stares mutely and not at all pointedly at the wrench for a second.] Has anything happened with the dragon?
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[They're purposeful accidents, alright. :C Trip sighs a little and pushes some hair off his forehead, which is really just smudging some soot.]

Recently? Nah. Professor Chromie said I should try talkin' to it, but I'm not sure it's been liking what I'm sayin'.
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Fascinating as it sounds, I probably shouldn't. I'm trying to avoid being blown up this week.
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Please, when's the last time you actually blew up?
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About three months ago. But I'd like to make it through a whole term if I can.
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I think you'd be more in danger've gettin' set on fire this time.
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That's something I'd like to avoid as well.
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Gee, why? [He's being sarcastic don't worry. :c]
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Have you tried talking to it?
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Not... really. [He's sworn at it a couple times and done the whole come on, please work, please don't set me on fire thing, but.] Why?
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Many charmed objects end up with a crude life of their own, especially ones in the shapes of sapient beings. It may be more cooperative.
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I'll see what I can do. Thanks, Professor.
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Please be careful! You should have proper supervision for that!
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I'll be fine, I swear I actually know what I'm doin'.
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Have you checked it for Gremlins?

I'll pop down, you look like you could use a lemonade.
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It doesn't look like somethin' a gremlin would do, but I guess they're kinda tricky little monsters, aren't they?

A lemonade would be great, thanks. I'll try not to burn the place down in the mean time.
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I think if someone managed to hire a team of gremlins they could work miracles in the workshop. They're really quite skilled, though they prefer sabotage.

I'll be right down.
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Sounds good. You think we should try bribin' them?
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It works on brownies. Maybe you should ask Professor Chang. He's a grumpyface but he does have lots of good information.

[Rattle-clink. Pouring sounds over ice.] I'll bring some shop wipes down too. [She has lots of pets to clean up after.]