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[051: voice]

Well, that was... weird. I mean, I knew there was a TV show about my universe and everything, but it's kind of another thing to think there's a show about us, here, that people watch and get creepy about. Which apparently they do back in the real world too with Star Trek, if that Vegas trip was supposed to teach us anythin'. [Fandom, what are you.]

I'm kinda figurin' this is one of those things you can't think too hard about, or you'll drive yourself crazy.

And for anyone who has heard that kinda thing about themselves, that they're from a movie or a TV show or something? Don't watch it. It's weird and you find out all sorts of weird stuff about people that you might have wanted to just keep in the dark.

Anyway, tonight we're gonna have a showing of A League of Their Own down in the common room on level six. It's a movie from 1992 about a female baseball team, and if anyone knows the line "There's no crying in baseball!", this is where that's from. It's a really good movie, so you all should come down and watch, if you're in the mood.

[Private to the Once-ler]

You doin' alright?

[Private to T'Pol]

So. I know we're not supposed to take stuff durin' things like that all that seriously, but. [lol awkward. :|||] What the hell were they talking about, you being on Trellium-D?
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A League of their Own. Okay.

Like how many movies do you have?
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It's fine, it's not that bad for a chick flick.

How do you feel about horror movies?
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[Sob so awkward. :c]

It was while we were in the expanse.
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I was first exposed to it when we boarded the Seleya. The experience was...unsettling, at first. [Given that, you know, she was a paranoid rage monster. :\] But I later realized it had allowed me to access certain emotions, and reasoned that careful control might allow me to access other emotions. It made interacting with the crew...easier.

[And you know, you. But. :\]
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[Well. It was. :c] When the Captain was captured, and the Enterprise badly damaged, cargo bay two was inaccessible. I made some...poor decisions, and became desperate. When I attempted to reach our cache of trellium myself, I nearly asphyxiated. [She's sticking to logic here, just neutrally talking about her near death experience.]

After that, I went to Phlox.
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Given a theoretically unlimited number of universes, the likelihood that you or any other person is fictional is one universe somewhere is almost entirely certain.
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Why is it so surprising now?
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It's merely that this never seemed to be a topic of discussion until it actually happened here.

Also, does this movie have a happy ending?
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I suppose it must have been. You don't have to look up the post if it's difficult for you.

I'll watch it, then.
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I'm not offended.

As I mentioned, the subject hadn't come up, at least not to my notice. Although I don't know if my time here qualifies as "this long," though I don't know your quantifier on timespans.
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I'll try to be more attentive in the future.
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I love A League of Their Own. I'm so there. [She's not even touching the whole breach thing.]
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I'll do my best. [Because she's going to try to bring Arthur - not sure how successful that will be!]
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Baseball. That's the game with the stick?

[There's probably a better word for it than 'stick' but he doesn't know what it is, so. Baseball stick.]
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It's alright. Most things are future things for me.
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No, never. I think I must just remember it from a flood or somewhere.
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Sounds good to me. I think even I can hit a ball with a stick.
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Should I bring some baseball themed snacks?

I'll bring some baseball themed snacks.
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No, but they're easy enough to make. You would be surprised how many people from Pawnee can make Cracker Jack from memory.

[Or you wouldn't.]
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Regular popcorn is too close to a vegetable.