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Commander Charles Tucker III ([personal profile] inhistorybooks) wrote2012-05-07 08:04 pm

[050: voice]

You know, I think that's the third coma I've been in since I got here? Getting kinda tired of just missing a couple days without warning.

Anyway, from a quick look at the network, it doesn't look like I missed anything too major. Anyone up for a movie night sometime this week? If you've got suggestions, I'd be happy to hear 'em.

[Private to the Once-ler]

Sorry I'm late getting back to you, the Admiral's got a real lousy sense of timing sometimes. I'm Commander Charles Tucker the Third, but everyone just calls me Trip. You been settling in okay?
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Two things -- One, I'm not supposed to be here and I definitely don't need a warden.

Two, you were in a coma?
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That's... Somewhat of a relief.

The last part, I mean.

But fine! [Dramatic sigh!] I guess playing along won't hurt. Might even get me out of here.

So you're Trip?
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Yeah, well, I'm stuck here either way, aren't I?

Mmmhmm, about that long, I think. As for questions, I think it's fair that I get to know a bit more about you if you apparently have a file on me.
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I don't know. What's it like where you're from?
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...Spaceship? Seriously?

[He says, like it isn't one of the more normal thing he's heard about here.]
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Haven't met them...

[A pause and then a sound that is totally not a muffled squeal. Man, people dream about things like these where he's from, but they aren't actually real! Maybe that's what makes it more boggling than a plant=lady. That never entered his mind before. But SPACE!]

That is-- Wow! A real spaceship! How does it work? Uh, no, I haven't...
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[He doesn't even know what that means, but it sounds cool!]

Wow! What's it for?
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I have to admit... That's really amazing.
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What's the coolest?
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When have they happened?
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Do you remember there being something specific you were doing previously to each?
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So there was not an instance in which you passed out while doing something else?
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I'm pleased to see you awake. [She's been checking on him but it's just uncomfortable to see him coma'd out. :c]
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Is anyone? [Particularly when she wakes up to find you coma'd, bro. :c]
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[Art's not sure what the proper sentiment is for these occasions. Congratulations? Welcome back, hope you had a nice coma? Well, whatever....]

Mr. Tucker, is it? I wonder if I might have a word with you about my inmate, Boyd Crowder. I believe you know him.
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Oh, nothing too important. Honestly, I just wanted to ask how he's been doing. He ain't caused you any serious trouble, has he?
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[personal profile] marshal_art 2012-05-12 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Glad to hear it.


Not particularly but he's an inmate for a reason. For several very good reasons actually. I'd just like to stay on top of things, make sure he doesn't backslide into his old ways.
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Well, if he starts playing with explosives, you might want to pay attention. [/deadpan]

Crowder's usually honest in what he tells you. It's what he doesn't say you have to worry about.
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I do. He popped up on the marshal's radar a couple years back. The whole family's a bunch of crooks but Boyd's the one had a flair for the dramatic.