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CONTACT METHOD: AIM (girlwonder004), plurk (batmanschmatman), or PM Trip's journal.
THREAD-JACKING: Totally fine!
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: I don't think anyone would know Enterprise well enough to reference the series specifically, but Trip knows it's a show and he knows about Star Trek, so feel free to go crazy with the Starfleet/aren't you supposed to be Scotty jokes. Also feel free to mistake him for other Connor Trineer roles.
BACKTAGGING: Definitely! I also tend to get a little distracted/misplace threads, so if there's ever something I've stopped tagging, just nudge me if you want to continue.
AVOIDED TOPICS: I'm pretty uncomfortable when it comes to vampires drinking people's blood, and I'm generally uncomfortable being brought into plots involving sexual assault. If there's a specific reason why you need me/my character in it, just let me know well in advance so we can discuss it before I decide to get involved.

CURRENT CANON POINT: Post 4x02: Storm Front Part II
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Trip is about 5'11", has short blonde hair and blue eyes and basically looks like this. He pretty much always wears his Enterprise uniform when on the Barge, which is the blue jumpsuit pictured plus black shoes, and when he isn't wearing that, he wears retina searing Hawaiian shirts, so basically count your blessings he almost always wears the jumpsuit. While generally he probably just smells like a usual combination of cleaning products, he does work in the engine room a lot/with the maintenance and repair team, so he also probably sometimes smells like metal or grease and other things that come along with those jobs.
DEMEANOR: Trip is friendly, curious and very laid back and easy going. The only things he can be kind of a hardass about are when people break the rules, and then he'll drop the friendly nice guy routine for more of a WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, plus ranty/pissy lectures. Otherwise he's seriously kind of just the human equivalent of a dog.
ABILITIES: Trip is a boring human, and as such doesn't have any supernatural powers or anything fun like that. He is, however, an incredibly talented engineer, and has been the Chief Engineer on the first Earth ship with Warp Five capable engines. As a trained Starfleet officer, he’s been prepared for a number of dangerous survival situations, knows his way around a phase pistol, has some pretty useful self defense training under his belt and isn’t a bad pilot either.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Normal, healthy adult human male.
CABIN INFORMATION: His quarters on Enterprise, which are a little cramped, very tastefully space-agey and cluttered in a lived in way, versus a oh my god Trip, clean up after yourself way.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Trip is pretty hard to offend. He'll get angry and defensive if someone's picking on someone he cares about, but that's really it.

MENTAL: Ask me first.
MIMICRY: Ask me first.
VIOLENCE: Minor injuries are okay, but anything major I'd definitely like to discuss first.
MAGIC: Ask me first.
DEBATE: Definitely!
OTHER / NOTES: I'm really pretty flexible about most things, I just want to know when something's going to happen so I know what to expect from the thread instead of going WOAH WAIT, WHAT DO YOU MEAN, TRIP IS NOW A FROG.

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